Strategies2Integrate (S2I) strategic partnerships enables us to empower our customers with the best data integration technology and service talent.


The Ascential Enterprise Data Integration Suite™ is a comprehensive solution that addresses the full range of enterprise data integration needs. It turns data into information that is accurate, relevant, and complete to help organizations improve operational performance and cecision-making across every business dimension.

Razza Solutions product offering provides a centralized, transparent process for managing the hierarchies and dimensions that drive enterprise reporting. Razza expedites and automates the management of master data across any number of disparate platforms, including legacy, G/L, ERP, OLAP and BI systems. Reference data, complex calculations and other business rules are housed within the same repository, facilitating harmonized change management.




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Embedded bundles run within VAR applications and inject the power of Ascential Software products to the end user.

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Data Knowledge
Strategies2Integrate (S2I) contributes to the Data Integration Community through its support of the DSXchange and the DataStageXchange.

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